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While you're here, have a little tea with your timeless self!

As it happens, I’ve been meeting with a small group of friends at Peets for tea here in Berkeley on Wednesdays (11 am) and Sundays (2 pm). If you’re in the Bay area, I’d be delighted to see you there! You can slip an email under my door at:

As a writer, one of my constant companions in my right pocket is my little leather notebook. Here’s some notes I’d like to share from here and there:

“If you would get exercise, go in search of the spring of life.” (Henry David Thoreau)

At the end of the day, it feels good to have a well-used body, a lightly used mind and a fully used heart.

Many of us have replaced religion with belief. Real religion means to “re-join” – to re-connect self-to-self, spirit-to-spirit. To re-cognize our inherently one nature…love.

I have no quarrel with time – I just mostly ignore it!

All thought is a sensation experienced like the senses; these conditioned and cultured thoughts give us the ideas and ideals, fears and desires, pains and pleasures, we innocently mis-take for our self.

Our natural self is peaceful – content with whatever content life presents.

Hoping and coping, shaming and blaming, are four major ways we humanly learn to survive (if not to prosper!)…they arise from our minds’ imagined fear-of-fear which is always based on a supposed and dreaded past (regrets) or our speculation on future undesired possibilities. (pregrets)

We’re often unwilling to look directly into what is – what we really know or don’t know – and so we humans create past and future scenarios (stories) to avoid our fears.

Ease off on trying to “understand” reality with your mind and its conditioned responses; reality is not a concept. What perceives reality is our deepest resonate knowing that “I AM”…that you are!

Why worry? Rest in listening – in your deepest contentment with the joys of divine being and human sensing, here and now.Appropriate action and non-action will naturally emerge in concert with life, moment-to-moment. That’s the spring of life!

Be well!…heh, in truth, it’s all good!

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