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Poetry – Why I write

Why I write

There is within
an urge that drips,
An urging to release
the confined meaning of words
and ceaseless sighing.
To free “freedom”
from speculations
about what it is.

To explore that sadness of failure,
that false gladness,
that identity you’ve worked
so longingly to construct,
that fabrication of what
real pleasure might be,
that image so heavy
long in its maintenance.
And to truly see
that mind is just
And thought is
ideas we believe
about reality.

Love remains when thought
falls away.
Truth remains when falseness
falls away.
Peace remains when struggle
falls away.

Where friends meet.

This side,
in the cage of the minds
the known is treaded,
treaded worn and bare by
minds’ manufactured
ideas of reality.

The other side
where friends meet,
is all possibility,
all potential
All love flowing into a strangness
of open unknowing
strong as nature,
a force untouched
by senses and mind.

Living here.
The suddenness of reality
takes my last defence
and I am rendered
into one mighty breathe
surrendered to this vast
communion of spirit
this sparkle in being
always and at once,
timelessly here.

Love leads

Love leads, I follow
stepping in and out of the drama,
dancing into and out of this world.
Still, Nothing moves.

Simple truth

You always live here,
Might as well agree
There’s nothing else to do
but simply be.

This place called home

I wandered the world
searching for the sacred
only to return
to my heart.
Now, wondering, stepping
out of that conflict like a refugee
I find this spacious
sanctuary of Self
enfolding, engulfing,

endlessly loving

The world  began when I was three.

The world began when I was three
Life became this stranger called “me”.
I carelessly picked up
an identity whose entity
was founded
in opposition
in position
in imposition
I put on that pretense of “me”.

That heritage of personhood so human and divine,
That early separation into “yours” and “mine”.

Ah, it was a temporary confusion
naturally born in time,
one this One
in form repeats
to see its Self
as “me.”

Somebody’s always after me

Somebody’s crashin’ through my TV
wants to sell me somethin’ darlin’
I don’t want for free!

Somebody’s always after me,
after me.

Here comes my old friend
telling me to leave it all
When I start walkin’ Honey,
I have another fall.

Somebody’s always after me,
after me.

Here comes the police
knockin’ at my door,
There’s somethin’ I’m hidin’ Sugar,
that they’re lookin’ for.

Somebody’s always after me,
after me.

Here comes my neighbor
Saw me dancin’ last night
Says I’m kinda crazy Baby
and ya know he might be right!

Somebody’s always after me,
after me.

Here comes the guru
tellin’ me what to do,
ain’t been myself Love
since I ain’t been you.

Now I know all this trouble
ain’t about being me
All this trouble Sweetie
is about being free.

Somebody’s always after me,
after me
to be…free!

O my Child

O my Child
my life,
you are
so fragile
so fleeting
so lovingly glimpsed;
“I am” sees you but cannot seize you,
holds you tenderly in your unfolding,
follows the rhythms of your heart
so curiously,
so watchfully,
so quietly,
so abidingly
loved in your mystery
O Child,
O life!

Train song

From this curtained window seat where I sit
head nodding , listening to this trance-trains’ heavy wheels roll along,
they sound like a chain gangs’ sorrowful sighing  song:
The dammed wheels roll on and on!

Now drawing back the darkening curtains I see
that sound resounding was me singing to Me
And looking this time deeper, the sun shines inside and out
And I begin to see what my prisoners life
was really all about:

Now stepping off this train into silence I see
It was all a lullaby  made up for me
A kind of divine conspiracy
rolling on and on  eternally!


Into this new day brightly, lightly I dance away
and  heart hears the departing train whistle say:
good day…go play…go play!
good day…go play…go play!

Dancing  on water

“Never oppose anything or anyone,”
my teacher said to me,
“ that way lies stillness
and the freedom to be.”
It’s not that there’s nothing to do
It’s just that there is no one,
and no one to do it to.
So dance this dance
and let love find your feet.
For you’re the only one
you will ever meet.

I thought

Out of ashes this baby cry arises
full of nothing but surprises!
I thought I came to visit here
And find I never left.
I thought I knew me too,
and find myself the same as you.

I thought the future flowed from the past,
and find that change means nothing will last.
I thought I knew what the truth must be,
and find it has nothing to do with me.

So I thought I’d write about what I knew,
and find that nothing I can say is true.
Then I thought well, at least these words could point the way,
and find there’s no way of telling
and nothing left to say.

So I thought I’d abandon all words  today!
but  find myself  here, still scribbling away!

The undying rose

The undying rose is blooming;

All growth needs new shoots.

And losing autumns’ stillness

Love’s seeds sewn will flower

On and on in infinite life.

Then let us dance this dance

All the way out my friends

And when it’s time for home

Turn fully, freely, tenderly

into our abiding self-nature.

And know that knowing

without understanding.

That peace that lies in all things

eternal, effulgent, ineffable.

That being infinitely here

and now and always,

like a spring rose, beginning.

Here, as always.

Here, as always, settling in
to love.
Here as always, discovering
what it is.
Here as always, finding a sweet
joy in small things.

Here, as always.