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October 02, 2022 | | Comments 0
May be an image of 1 person and road

Take your selfie out of the picture and you’ll really be surprised.
Real freedom lies in non-resistance to whatever is actually happening in your experience, now. Really. 🙂

~ To us, the known is very important. That is the only thing we have. The known being my memories, my knowledge, my experiences, my tradition, my house. And of anything unknown I am afraid. Any new government, any new way of thinking, any new way of feeling, I don’t like and I push away. Within the known, I can never understand something new. Reality is always new. Reality is always the unknown. Can the mind be free from the known as memory, as experience, so as to look at a tree, a flower or a person as though you are seeing for the first time?
~ J Krishnamurti

~ Do not force your mind. Just watch its various movements as you would look at flying birds…observing everything with full attention becomes a way of life.
~Jean Klein

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