See What Happens!…

SEE WHAT HAPPENS!… An ongoing series of  short articles written in the moment, about the moment, in the spirit of “see what happens!”.

“What we need is an ever deepening inquiry into how spirit dances as this very life, for what we call “life” is but an expression of spirit and therefore fully spirit itself.”


I’m celebrating an engagement of sorts with this new blog, and I’m inviting you to share in this adventure. It’s a probing into the nature of nature, the heart  of this heart, the stuff of life as it is.   We’re going to catch life on the wing so to speak; to look closely in the moment at what we think is happening and what we know to be true. This is not a mental exercise in contrasting and comparing concepts ( though it could happen! ) but more like a portrait of our life as it is actually lived. I invite you to join me in this adventure; to recognize your self in what is explored here, and above all, to enjoy your self!

In dancing this dance together, we’ll stay close to now without attempting to grasp it; we’ll move in stillness and abide in truth. We’ll get up close and seemingly personal, share intimacies of the heart from that place which allows and accepts – indeed, facilitates, this movement of grace in this waltz we call “my life.” We’ll explore “who” it is that we think is living it, and probe this vastness that we truly are. It’s a trip  with no  meaning, no purpose, no result or conclusion; it leads us nowhere but here , no place but now.

So let’s see what happens!

A very brief Intro

I have spread out before me, on my left and right, about eight or ten green, yellow, pink and blue scribbled Post-it notes that I’ve randomly selected from my backpack pocket. They consist of errant musings jotted down in my wanderings in this place and time.  We could call these little musings “wonderings”. They accumulate almost daily in my right jean pocket; I offload a handful of them into my backpack every now and then, and dip into them like a cookie jar for something to chew on just before I see if and what I will write today . After many years of commercial writing, I’ve found now that this is the natural way for  writing to occur – to select a few vaguely related theme notes, sit down and start writing – somewhere – and see where it goes! Or not. Most, if not all the writings on this blog, are produced this way! It’s a spontaneous up-rising which brings together some seemingly disparate themes perhaps, and I trust that some of this may be as useful to you as it is to me in exploring this one life we’re living together.

Each entry here will be short, perhaps three or four pages. I invite you to tune in to “See What Happens!” from time to time, and to leave your comments if you like. Or don’t like! …let’s see what happens!

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