[ the ending of contradiction is the beginning of paradox, dept. ]

June 19, 2022 | | Comments 0
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“The state of not-knowing completely is attention.”
~ J Krishnamurti
When we pause, look and listen, just for this moment, this now, spirit directly encounters the beauty of it all; we dwell in light and shade; we eat, drink, touch and taste deeply. Gratefully. We’re nourished and delighted by the miraculous; we fall silently into a fuller Self-knowing – into the living paradox of knowing we do not know and no longer fearing we need to know, to control, to defend, to pretend. There’s a freedom to live simply in a paradoxical wonder; to explore, to discover more and more fully that what we are is way beyond the minds’ contradictions. We’re absorbed and saturated – stripped of personal, petty, ‘compare and contrast’ relationships, opinions, conflicts and confusions – of mind-made separation. One is dissolved into the Oneness of reality. Only awareness of awareness – Self beholding Self – remains.
In aware living, the waves of sentient experience come and go, rise and fall back, only to rise and fall again, into – and out of – the ocean of Self.
Indeed, in quiet, watcher-less watching, in alert attention, there’s a delightful not-knowing; a seeing of our whole Self as unmoved Creation, moving endlessly. 🙂

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