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“Who knows?” That’s the Big Question that often arises in our mind about reality and what’s happening now, in it, so to speak. The answer may lie in the way in which The question is approached ie via the mind or via empty awareness.
The ‘active present’ as J Krishnamurt called it, cannot be perceived or conceived by any measurement or known quality; abiding presence is known only by itself. Only awareness knows awareness. Indeed, only the sacred can know the sacred. ‘Science’ mind tries to ‘understand’ with the binary mind and its limitations; it projects and conjures and theorizes a symbolically interpreted ‘reality’ that seems to exist in the relative ‘horizontal’ sentient sense; it describes and explains a (changeless) ‘reality’ as it’s observed by the changeful mind, proceeding in a loop from the known to the known. In believing mind can finally ‘know’, can conclude, it produces and maintains its own contradictions; it cannot comprehend the peace of the whole – the oneness that includes, that creates the startle in beauty, the play in all living things; the quiet muse, the dazed and numbed, the comfy and confused. You and me, such as we suppose our personal self to be. Beyond it’s conditioning, the pain in abandoning pleasures habitually continues; it – pain – cannot create and never ‘solve’ its own ‘problems’.

Enter ‘understanding’. It dawns with the seeing of the reality that lies behind, beneath and beyond all thought and feeling, all the missed-understandings and pain of a lifetime dutifully served in trying to understand with the mind, to really feel safe and secure. The best any words can do is indicate an apparent direction, an approach to the universal, the relevant, the real which is prior to all mind’s machinations.

This unknown is not imagined or imaginable; one has to allow, to lovingly, casually watch their own experience – how it changes the energy in the body, how fear keeps arising. We fear what we don’t know, desire what we don’t have. In fine, we’re forced in quiet moments, to allow that perhaps we.. maybe.. on occasion.. do.. not really know much, and who’s to know, yes ( spoiler alert ) 🙂

Mind-based Science can dissect and label life and a frog – but can never know what life and a frog IS. To know that, all subject/object, cause and effect, personalized, separate and symbolic prodding and probing, fearing and desiring, must be abandoned, and reality will and does, absolutely present itself to itself. Peace makes peace. peace is here and now, only. A harmony with what is, as is, with all its resistances, its falterings, failings and flailings yes 🙂

This ‘permanent’ awareness includes but has none of the qualities of mind, of time. In fact, awareness, aka creation, life, goes about manifesting its expressions in time totally without thinking about it. All thought is finite, it requires space and time; the infinite – whatever that is – is the unknown permeating substance of life which is apprehended only by itself – THAT which we are. Indeed, it seems it takes one to know one. Ego knows ego; essence knows essence.

Words, when believed as fact, are known only by the brains’ word-smithing – its ‘believeable’ fabrication of that world where we live, in our head. (the other five senses are wordless sensual receivers) Words and symbols seemingly separate that which is one – that bright borderless Whole – whose pure, vacant light changes as it passes thru a carved multi-faceted crystal. Indeed, just now there’s splinters of sunlight all over my ceiling from a handsome crystal on my window. My side vision is delighted with a flashes of the rainbow and the ceiling white into particulars of red oranges, lime greens, lemon yellows, royal purples –

There’s no egoic ‘you’ that can see ‘what is.’ Unless one is sacred, so to speak, one cannot see what is sacred. In aware living, we may call it love, know it as beyond belief in words and, paradoxically, like it, to write a few words that erupt now and then. Words that point, that reveal the nature of infinite self: peace, beauty and joy, We’re invited to rest quietly in it, to live in it, to know our self deeply there, to let things be just as they are:
Draw back the curtains, let in a little light, everything wrong doesn’t have to be right.

Sounds like peace yes, and its wonder.. full. 🙂

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