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August 18, 2022 | | Comments 0
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~ It seems that some established religions and most of science are an articulate mind’s tale, told by the mind about the mind. Mind, being 0-1 binary (dual), can never know anything other than its ideas about ideas. Reality is not any ideas about it, beautiful and entertaining as they may be.
Our conditioned brain sifts and sorts, compares and contrasts, verbal symbols that re-present reality, but can never know it. It labels and defines and in doing so, denies whatever it cannot comprehend with its symbols – all of which are deemed necessary to think and feel more secure in a world driven by its own desires and fears that it may, in truth, not know. This ‘cerebral cortex self’ is a theory about the instinctive mechanics of observable phenomena, and useful in perhaps understanding the material ‘world,’ – the ‘known’ that we conceive and store in fragments of memory accumulated as ‘knowledge’.
In aware living in a constantly changing world, we never know; we’re always learning. In deep self-knowing, we discover not what we actually are – whatever that is remains wonderfully unknown, there being no knower, only an imagined ‘Me’. With grace and gratitude, in a quiet moment, we may discover what we’re not: a thought, a body, a mind, a separate independent entity, a brain with its cerebral cortex functioning as a machine.
In reality, we’re much less than we believe, much more than we conceive. We are a profound wonder, way beyond the body/mind; a universal energy that’s vital, substantial and primary. In words: ‘pure spirit manifesting.’ The noumena behind the phenomena so to speak. Awareness, aware of itself.
Whatever we think we are we’re not; whatever we are, we never ceased to be. 🙂

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