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August 05, 2021 | | Comments 0
May be an image of one or more people, sky and text that says 'The way to dissolve beliefs that cause suffering is to gently apply pure truth where hurts- A'

By way of exploring our own experience, I’d like to share the following ‘daily delight’s’ from my notes that I’ve picked up this week like light-trapping gems and sent to myself by e-mail for further reflection..
Perhaps they’re a little inspiring for you too, for easing the conflicted head and the wounded heart with the balm of truth, lovingly applied. Indeed, in truth, there are no small insights yes. 🙂

*In seeing ‘what is’ (facts free of fear and desire) we see reality; we see the source of all conflict is actually and functionally all kinds of inner resistance to ‘what is’, aka ‘truth’.

* Truth is timeless; it’s not accumulated in conditioned experience, time and memory. We see ‘what is’ in a candid, open instant of direct ‘understanding’, or not at all.

*In seeing the false, and the truth in the false, we see what actually is; out of that seeing a transformative ‘lightness in simply being’ arises like a sun that never sets..

* In seeing reality is not personal, not a thought or feeling, not yours or mine, we recognize that truth cannot ever be known with conceptual sifting and sorting, contrasting and comparing.

* Truth is not yesterdays’ knowledge, applied today. Being indescribable and non-conceptual, truth and reality is not within the domain of any brain, gross or refined, to measure and know.

* When we deeply know everything about the self, we know we are nothing but love.

* Love is our real abiding self-nature; it exists only when ‘you’ do not.

* Learning what we are and this is, is a continuous discovering of delight in this fresh, living moment. In not having and not needing, in relinquishing all ‘supposed’ control, we simply rest here – in being, in fact, in what is, and in never knowing but always gratefully wondering. Truth alone restores and refreshes – that’s the beauty of it, yes 🙂

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