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What is this love?

Let’s try to approach this wordless love, this indescribable yet knowable non-thing, with all that we have…words.

For starters, it might be helpful to perform a little brain bypass. The mind’s idea of Love is a pile of data gathered and stored since our childhood. Ask it for info about Love and you receive an habitual, conditioned, cultural response. So let’s disrupt it a little and call love a new name. Let’s invent a new primary, sole source element and call it RK10 [Resonant Knowing 10].

RK10 cannot be conceived or learned, but is already known.
RK10 is not a feeling, but is always ” felt.”
RK10 cannot be given and cannot be withheld.
RK10 cannot be lost or found.
RK10 cannot be achieved because it is already.

RK10 has no past and no future. It is Now.
RK10 is always new, always familiar, like a perfume.
RK10 is substantial as a rock but has no mass or volume.
RK10 contains all that is, but cannot be contained.

RK10 has no qualities, but contains all qualities.
RK10 is infinite, but its expressions in cellular matter “die.”
RK10 is the primary and single source of all and everything.
RK10 is that which we all seek because it is what we are.

RK10 is our Self, the non-substance termed “ being.”
RK10 is this Reality of which we are made.
RK10 is the Truth that is neither within nor without.
RK10 is “you” but it is not personal.
RK10 is all things and no thing.
RK10 is not a word.

RK10 is happiness.
RK10 is still, silent, Peace.

RK10 is this, here, now.
RK10 is Love.

Nobody knows love
but the giver.

( Excerpted from ” FADING IN THE LIGHT” by James Waite, available elsewhere on this site. )