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What is True?

Dancing this dance!

What is true?
Sometimes one is inspired to “drill down” into something seemingly profound that lingers like a delicate fragrance in the air. These notes are my way of re-cognizing the essence of truth that underlies words; the reality that underlies our thoughts about it.
So, here’s a statement; I will not now say who said it or where it came from, to help bypass certain prejudices we all have about source attribution. The point of the thing is simply this: Is this something recognized to be true by your Self?

When you read it, immediately dismiss the thoughts it evokes, and without thinking about it, ask your Self: is this really true?
Then don’t answer the question. Don’t even try to understand it. Let it be. Let it rest unanswered by your mind and listen silently from your heart.
Here it is:
“ In truth, there is only awareness and the content of it.  They are one.”
Is this true for you?

Let me know, but maybe not right away? James