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January 31, 2023 | | Comments 0
Jerry Katz

In aware living, one is always finding out; always curiously alert and engaged and subtly astonished. There’s an innocence in meeting the moment as it presents, in appropriate relationship and response. In fact, that’s the common condition of a global awareness that’s stripped bare by the immense, the unadorned, the plain beauty that presents itself as free of all personal, conditioned ‘understanding’, free of all belief and knowing; of all pretense of being a special someone, doing. “There is awareness of superficial consciousness” as J Krishnamurti points out.

~ One of today’s delights came all the way from coastal Nova Scotia, from my old friend Jerry Katz, ( whom I met years ago at the SAND conference in California where I lived at the time. He’s just come out with a superb visual rendering of what we, in fact, are, in this new book: A Simple Life.

I’ll say no more here, except to suggest that when you’re inclined to rest a little in sublime nature, (now is always good) this photo essay along with a quiet space and a cuppa tea perhaps, will provide a wonderful insight and delight in that empty fullness which we are: infinite peace.

“I have neither an elegant life nor a simple life but an elegantly simple life.”
~ Jerry Katz See less

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